Citizen of the Immortal City


You have chosen, or been chosen to partake in the Sovehles diplomatic expedition. Over the course of this five-year long mission, you shall assist an elite team of diplomats, researchers, and merchants re-establish diplomatic and economic ties with the governments of Sovehles while furthering the interests of the 11th Aujkan Empire wherever poss- [ERROR 1-8016: TRANSMISSION DATA CORRUPTED]

|Mission Priority Update| Logdate 5:721-06-22|

Emergency Broadcast Authorization Passcode: QV849, The-Reticent-Hammer-Quells-The-Horde.


Begin Transmission. This is Captain Orlan Kaitakoa of the Aujkan Naval Corps and acting-head of the Sovehles Diplomatic Mission. In light of recent events, the Sovehles expedition has been forced to change its mission parameters. The local regional geography has undergone cataclysmic change. Our intended landing point no longer exists, and the nearby vicinty is occupied by extremely hostile forces. Causalities include the entire Diplomatic body of the envoy as well as my predecessor. Only a fraction of the military escort and support staff remain. Situation has not yet deteriorated to the point that Emergency Protocol need be enacted. Message will repeat once every standard day hour. Move up reinforcement schedule to as soon as possible. Will advise further as more information becomes available. End Transmission. 

An Envoy to Sovehles is a Numenera campaign played over Roll20 on a semi regular basis focused on the surviving crew of a diplomatic expedition sent to a continent ravaged by a mysterious cataclysmic event and the horrors it unleashed.

Tezenelia: An Envoy To Sovehles

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