Tezenelia: An Envoy To Sovehles

Island Times

First encounters of the Sovehles Kind

The party awakens to find themselves shipwrecked on an island that Milia managed to steer them onto after they'd blacked out. While the ship itself has suffered some damage, it is still seaworthy. The bigger issue is the crew. Of the original fifty crew and passengers of the Impromptu Herald, only 15 remain. Perrin managed to survive being devoured by a Coralysk hunter. She dug her way out of its innards with a shiv, though she lost most of her right leg in the process. Thanks to Axandra’s aide, the Percedal family were able to survive the attack by hiding away in the bowels of the ship. Clymene finds Jormunde wounded, but alive in the cargo hull of the ship after having successfully fended off a horde of Coralysk hunters. Clymene is overwrought with emotion at the sight of him. Hester attempts to contact the Datasphere once more, but is greeted by static.

Matios uses his limited medical skills and Arala’s facilities to treat the injured. Milia is anxious over the loss of Roland, most of her crew, and the group’s separation from the other ships. The possibility of her brother’s loss also weighs heavily on her, but she places her first priority on trying to salvage the situation and repair the ship. The party goes about helping clear out the bodies of the Coralysk clean up the damaged vessel. As per Milia’s orders, Clymene recovers the crew manifest from the captain’s cabin, and steals a portrait of the Kaitakoa family in the process.

Milia temporarily promotes the party from expedition aides to expedition adjudants until they can reconnect with the rest of the expedition. She sends them out on a scouting mission of the island they are on. After climbing to the top of the hill at the Island’s center, the party spots a Pirate ship on the opposite side of it. The crew of this ship vastly outnumbers the survivors of the Impromptu Herald, and appear to be far better armed. They quickly return to the captain to inform her about their discovery. 

After some deliberation, the group decides to try and negotiate with the pirates for information on the region and the purchase of a cannon so that they can defend themselves against future attacks. Group 1, composed of Axandra and Clymene will handle the negotiations, while group 2, composed of Hester, Kaizer, Jormunde and Perrin (who has been fitted with a prosthetic leg), stay hidden in tree line in case trouble breaks out.

Axandra and Clymene meet with the captain of the pirate ship, who is surprisingly receptive to diplomacy. From him, they learn that most of the western coastline of the continent sunk into the ocean during the SpineSpike, and that the region they are in is currently embroiled in a war between the Pirate King and the Pirate Queen. The currency of the old republic is worthless in this region, and has been replaced by a barter economy centered around slaves, services, and numenera artifacts. The pirates on the island are affiliated with the King, and are willing to trade a cannon for slaves or numenera. Axandra and Clymene hand over a few artifacts in exchange this information, as well as information on where to go and not to go. The pirate captain warns them of the Fog lands to the east, marks a very rough outline of the new coast on their map. they agree to meet at dusk on a nearby beach to trade a cannon for a numenera artifact from the ship itself.

After group 1 leaves, the captain sends a small task force led by his first mate to learn more about the Impromptu Herald. Group 2 notices this, and tracks them at a distant before springing an ambush. Kaizer and Jormunde manage to take out the two escorts, but the first mate proves to be far more tenacious. He uses a sort of bio-augmentation cypher on himself to sprout a pair of cricket-like wings and attempts to fly off. Perrin side tackles him, which restrains him just long enough for Kaizer and Hester to get a few good hits on him. Just as the first mate begins to , Kaizer kills him with a crossbow bolt, then catches Perrin before she can hit the ground. 

Group 2 drags the bodies back to the ship just as Group 1 finishes relaying their findings to the captain. After some further discussion between them, they decide to spring a trap on the pirates. Kaizer, Matios, and Hakram will disguise themselves as the first mate and escort respectively while Clymene, Axandra, and the Captain will pose as prisoners. Kaizer will claim that they managed to capture the crew of the Impromptu Herald, allowing him to get close enough to the pirate captain and take him out with a poisoned sword. Hester, Velee, and the rest of the crew will hide in the trees armed with crossbows, and when Kaizer makes his move they will open fire as well.

The time for the meeting comes. The party and the pirate meet on the beach as per their intialy agreement, with the latter having come with a small force of half a dozen pirates as well as the cannon. The pirate captain suspects nothing at first, and even though Hester falls out of his tree, he manages to hide in the bushes before he is spotted. Once he gets close enough to the captain, Kaizer lunges forwards to attack, but trips in the sand and botches the initial surprise. The crew open fire on the pirate captain’s escort, taking most of them while Clymene uses her sparkler cypher to blind the captain. The captain calls for reinforcements, but those are also swiftly taken out by the barrage of crossbow bolts. Kaizer skillfully dodges the blinded pirate captain’s attacks.

About midway through the battle, numerous explosions ring out from where the pirate ship is located, much to the confusion of everyone in the fight. The pirate captain activates an automated function of the cannon, which targets the tree line and opens fire on the crew. Thankfully, the crew manages to avoid the worst of the blow, but they are now expose to future attacks. Axandra rushes the cannon and uses her siphon abilities for the first time to prevent the cannon from firing again. She is almost overwhelmed by the sensation.

Frustrated that his crossbow attacks keep missing, Hester rushes to bash the captain with the blunt end. Kaizer manages to knock off the Captain’s helmet, exposing the pirate’s large, lidless eyes, fish-like teeth, and tumorous growths as he delivers the killing blow. 

Milia, Clymene, and the rest of the crew return to the main ship with the cannon and ammunition while Axandra, Hester, and Kaiser go to investigate the source of the explosions. Once they arrive, they find the pirate ship on fire, the charred remains of most of the pirates. Amid the wreckage, they come across a strange, humanoid creature wearing a bulky, patchwork yellow jacket and a strange, bone-white mask. Apparently startled by their arrival, it brandishes a crossbow in their direction. Kaizer fires a warning shot at it, to which it responded by shooting him in the chest with an explosive crossbow bolt and scampering off with a large sack of loot. Their last sighting of the creature

Hester and Axandra enter the smoldering pirate ship in an attempt to recover more cannons. They manage to drag one out of the wreckage before they are overwhelmed by the smoke and flames.



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