Tezenelia: An Envoy To Sovehles

Solo Sessions

The calm before the storm

Back aboard the Impromptu Herald, the party splits up to handle some personal affairs. Axandra learns that Matios attempted to throw himself overboard following the psychic backlash, and needed to be sedated. She has an encounter with the new ship’s doctor, the acerbic Medical Sergeant Erranamol, and his two hapless assistants.

Meanwhile, Kaizer manages to secure a large stash of weapons for himself, but struggles to find a spot to hide it as the soldiers from the Crowd Silencer are busy claiming rooms for themselves. He attempts to break into the room of the mysterious ‘acid woman’ who was also aboard the ship, but can’t manage to actually get into her room. Axandra manages to pick the lock on the door. The air inside the room is thick with a caustic smell despite the massive gash through the wall. The scent is strong enough that it actually becomes a bit difficult to breath. Searching the room, they find an opaque glass chest and a matching key, inside of which there is a bizarre looking gas mask that is also made of mask, a vial containing a bright blue liquid, some thick clothes, and a strangely cold, leather-bound journal. Perrin enters the room at this point, trying to get away from the various guards.

Axandra puts on the mask, which instantly wraps its way around her face to form an air-tight seal. Kaizer attempts to pull it off, with little luck. Hoping that it will trigger some sort of unlocking mechanism, Axandra inserts the vial inside of one of the tubes. It has a very different sort of effect, one which actually worsens her breathing. Kaizer begins stabbing at the mask to try and help her. This goes poorly. Axandra passes out while Perrin fetches Velee, who easily disengages the mask freeing Axandra. She admonishes the three of them for their idiocy in using technology they didn’t understand and exposing themselves to strange chemicals. 

Axandra wakes up to find that she is now having a lot of trouble breathing. Perrin heads off to with the gas mask and vial to alert Milia about the dangerous numenera that was hiding aboard the ship. Kaizer seeks out medical treatment for his sister from Erranamol. The medical sergeant bruskly stabs her tongue with a needle to extract a blood sample and tells her to go get some fresh air until he gets the results. On her way up, she runs into Perrin, who tells her that she overheard a snippet of the Milia’s conversation with her brother. From what she heard, the expedition wasn’t just a diplomatic envoy as most of the expedition team consisted of political dissidents and other undesirables. Moreover, at least half of the crew of the Crowd Silencer was composed of war criminals who were once in service to the infamous Aujkan Major known as the Devil's Eye, who was responsible for committing horrific atrocities against enemy civilian populations during the war of Reunification.

Kaizer tries to get back into the closet he’s claimed as his private storage, only to find that the door is once again locked. Perrin offers her services disabling the lock now and in the future in exchange for him acting as her bodyguard aboard the ship because she is concerned for her own safety given the information she overheard. They shake on it, but Kaizer threatens that if she tries to blackmail him he will hurt her.

Axandra runs into Wraeil above deck. She acts like a middle schooler with a crush around him. He gives a quick diagnosis of her ailment using built-in sensors. He states that he can do a more detailed one with a fluid sample, and kisses her to get it, leaving her speechless. Kaizer sees this, and goes to tackle him. Wraeil laughs, holding his ground, and ruffles Kaizer's hair while flirting with him. Kaizer leaves just as flustered as his sister is.

Meanwhile, Clymene seeks out treatment for her facial wounds. The medical ward on the Impromptu Herald is currently packed with injured, and she struggles to get immediate attention while not drawing attention to the gaping gash on her face. After a brief talk with one of the medical assistants, she ‘disguises’ herself as ‘Clymedia’ to get her wounds stitched up. She figures out the Erranamol is Ocepholus nobility. He doesn't respond well to her bringing that up, threatening her if she dares to mention it to anyone else.

She runs into Jormunde working in the Kitchen with Hakram. Hakram leaves to give the two of them privacy. Jormunde reveals that while he appreciates her advances, he isn’t interested in that way, and hasn’t taken a new significant other since he was forcibly separated from his husband. Clymene is heart broken, and Jormunde lets slip that it was Axandra who told him to speak with her about the wounds. Clymene goes after Axandra, punches her. Axandra doesn't fight back, but listens because she's sure she deserves the punch, and Clymene explains her distress. They manage to reconcile their differences, and become better friends, just in time for a meeting with Commander Kaitakoa. 



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