A Gregarious Glint who Figures Things Out


Tier: 2
Might: 9, Speed: 10, Intellect: 17

Practiced with Light Weapons: You can use light weapons without penalty. If you wield
a medium weapon, increase the difficulty of the attack by one step. If you wield a heavy weapon, increase it by two steps.

People Person: When you are within immediate range of at least two allies, the difficulty of one noncombat-related task is decreased by one step. You can do this only once, but its use is restored each time you make a recovery roll.

Getting the Word: If you spend an hour amid a large group of people, you can glean the general rumors, gossip, or opinions held.

Encouragement (1 Intellect point): While you maintain this ability through ongoing inspiring oration, your allies within short range modify the difficulty of one of the following task types (your choice) by one step to their benefit: defense tasks, attack tasks, or tasks related to any skill that you are trained or specialized in. Action.

Applied Observation: You observe or study a creature, object, or location for at least one round. The next time you interact with it (possibly in the following round), the difficulty of a related task (such as persuading the creature, attacking it, or defending from its attack) is reduced by one step. Action.

Friendship (1 Intellect point): You convince a sentient creature to regard you positively, as they would a potential friend. You gain an asset in all future interactions with the creature until you give them a reason to no longer regard you well, at which point this effect ends (and may result in the difficulty of future interactions increasing by one step, because scorn is a powerful emotion). The affected creature isn’t “charmed” supernaturally—they are not compelled or controlled in any way. A target affected by this is simply more likely to perceive you as a friend if you give them a reason to believe this to be so. This isn’t enough to keep a hostile foe from attacking, but it can help in a subsequent interaction task to do that


A conquering Queen must come with violence in her self of selves. She must splay the guts of her enemy with no weapon but her heartstrings. Her lips must spit sweet music that pulverizes her enemies, and her eyes must tell a brain-cleaving tale of loveliness. She must quench the sword of her tongue in the love of her enemies.

This quote is the coolest thing Clymene has come up with. She’s a giant dork in reality. But at least a giant dork that’s had her first kiss.

While in the Salt Sticks, she unwittingly became victim of the Black Fleet’s augmentation priest, who spliced her with her pet bird Vicious. Her left hand has been replaced by a talon, while white feathers have taken the place of her hair.



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