Captain Orlan Kaitakoa

War Hero, Prodigy, Heartbreaker


“I don’t bluff or boast. I get results”

A decorated hero of the Reunification War who famously held off an entire fleet of Natomish mercenaries with only four ships before reinforcements could arrive. Captain Orlan is a tough but fair man with a natural charisma and strong personality that causes people to naturally gravitate towards him. Doing the job the right way is far more important to him than getting the job done.

He is the captain of the ALV-M Crowd Silencer, and has been assigned to the envoy as the lead military escort for the duration of the five-year long expedition. Orlan’s sister, Milia Kaitakoa, serves as captain of the ALV-C Impromptu Diplomat.

He was gravely injured during the Coralysk Attack which decimated most of his crew. In the absence of the mission lead, he has taken on the role of Lead Diplomat and transferred his prior responsibilities over to his sister.

Captain Orlan Kaitakoa

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