Blue-Blooded Doctor


" Hold still already you chxxx ungrateful landwalker" ~ Erranamol on his patients.

It isn’t usual that you find an Ocephelous outside of the water, much less working in a medical field for a country that isn’t the Oct Dominion or one of its many protectorates. This in and of itself makes Medical Sergeant Erranamol an anomaly. Though he is a excellent doctor, his bedside manner is severely lacking and made all the more apparent by his vehemently acerbic demeanor. He is accompanied by two medical apprentices named Tapelia and Sodmur, who constantly struggle to keep up with his incessant demands, perfectionist streak, and unmitigated disdain for sloppy craftsmanship.

He relies on a tripod walker to move from patient to patient and stores a plethora of different, complex medical equipment within it. The breathing harness he wears to survive extended periods outside of the water greatly distorts his voice. His skin is covered in the specific molted white patterns commonly associated with Dominion Royalty.



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