Ex-Convict, Ex-Guard, Ex-Soldier, etc


“I have two vices, drugs and murder. This Ancestors-forsaken boat is severely lacking in both of them.”

Jormunde is an soft-spoken thug with a penchant for violence that has been somewhat tempered by decades of conflict. His arms are lines with intricate tattoos that mark him as a member of at least half a dozen gangs, mercenary organizations, and cults. He has exceptionally poor people and planning skills, and tends to fall into drugs and alcohol unless he has something to occupy himself with.

He was ‘volunteered’ for the Sovehles expedition in order to pay off a massive debt to the Imperial Bank of the Immortal City (IBIC).

Clymene attempted to pursue a relationship with him, but was rebuked on the grounds of him still holding out for his (male) partner from whom he was forcibly separated many years ago and still very much pines for.


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