A Cruel Glaive who Murders


Tier: 2

Might: 16, Speed: 16, Intellect: 12
Edges 2 / 2 / 0

Practiced With All Weapons (Enabler): You can use any weapon.

Practiced in armor: Reduce might cost and speed reduction by 2

Inability: You have a hard time connecting with others, understanding their motives, or sharing their feelings. The difficulty of any task made to ascertain another character’s motives, feelings, or disposition is increased by one step.

Trained Assassin (Enabler): You are trained in stealth and disguise tasks.

Surprise Attack (Enabler): If attacking from a hidden vantage, with surprise, or before an opponent has acted, you reduce the difficulty of your attack by one step. On a successful hit with this surprise attack, you inflict 2 additional points of damage

Story Benefits

  • Asset with Small Boats


THRUST (1Might): This is a powerful melee stab. You make an attack and inflict 1 additional point of damage if your weapon has a sharp edge or point. Action.

OPPORTUNIST: Have an Asset on any attack roll against a creature that has been attacked this round.

OVERWATCH (1 Intellect): use ranged weapon to target limited area such as doorway or clearing, and make attack against viable target that enters area. Works like wait action but negates benefit target would gain from cover, position, surprise, range, illumination or visibility. Also inflict 1 more dmg, may remain as long as you wish within reason.

CRUELTY: When you use force, you can choose to maim or deliver painful injuries to draw out your foes suffering. Whenever you inflict damage, you can choose to inflict 2 fewer points of damage to decrease the difficulty of the next attack against that foe by one step.

QUICK DEATH (2 speed): You know how to kill quickly. When making melee or ranged attack, deal additional 4 points of dmg. Can’t make this attack in two consecutive rounds.

STAND WATCH (2 Intellect Points): While standing watch (remaining in place for extended period of time), you unfailingly remain awake and alert for up to 8 hours. During this time you are trained in perception tasks as well as stealth tasks to conceal yourself from those who might approach. Action to initiate


Kaizer’s childhood was filled with kindness—or at least it resembled one capable of it. He spent most of his time fooling around and having fun, as well as getting into trouble with his accomplice, his half-sister Axandra. Things took a turn for the worse however, when an innocent game marked changed the course of their lives. In the fever of the moment, Axandra accidentally siphoned his power—a secret they were keeping amongst themselves—before an entire crowd. Despite what siphoning power suggests, Kaizer never hated her for it, since it didn’t really matter, but his parents had a different perspective. They exiled her from the household and threatened her life if she ever chose to return, and Kaizer was punished accordingly for his disgrace. Thus begun his study into the truth and history that surrounded his family.

Kaizer discovered, after what seemed like years of ignorance, that he was the heir to something bigger than himself. To inherit, he first had to act as a brutal enforcer of order. Doing things he thought he’d never do, Kaizer descended into a life of cruelty and lawlessness. It wasn’t until he had enough of that life that he decided things needed to change—but things didn’t go according to plan, and he failed to make a difference. Marked for death for his mistake, Kaizer decided it was in his best interests to run, and a ship to the shattered continent seemed like the perfect opportunity.


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