Matios Rekesi

Widower on hard times


“Some peace of mind would be a nice place to start.”

Matios lost his wife and eye to a horrific accident, and his children were taken by his inlaws shortly after that. He took up psychip use as a means of numbing the pain, and joined the expedition in order to escape his numerous debts.

He was indirectly responsible for bringing the psychips aboard. Since Roland Dorcastle destroyed his supply, he has once again fallen into a deep depression. That said, Matios has been making efforts at finding new ways of coping. He wears an eyepatch over his prosthetic eye as a reminder of his losses.

He survived the Coralysk attack, and in the absence of a proper doctor he temporarily assumed the role of medic. Matios was connected to Axandra via a mental link when she came under psychic assault by the Coralysk. He suffered severe mental breakdown as a result of this, and is still recovering from the aftereffects.

Matios Rekesi

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