Milia Kaitakoa

In way over her head


“If you say that you were expecting my brother, I’ll have you scrubbing the latrines for weeks.”

A young officer in the Aujkan Navy who’s only recently been given captaincy of her own ship. Milia is over-eager to prove herself on the Sovehles expedition, so much so that she has a tendency to overcompensate when around the rest of her crew. This goes double for whenever her brother, Captain Orlan Kaitakoa, is around or is mentioned.

She’s much more relaxed when out of public view, and is more willing to listen to what others have to say in these situations. Recent events have also made Milia fiercely protective of those under her command, seeking to ensure their survival above all else. She was recently promoted to Commander by her brother, and given command of the military operations of the expedition while he takes on the diplomatic responsibilities. She has grown increasingly wary over the blatant personal loyalty the crew displays towards her brother, and is desperately trying to assert her authority over them.

Milia Kaitakoa

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