Seraphina Encantalis

Charming Nano who Abuses Alchemy


Tier: 2
Might 15, Speed 13, Intellect 15
Edge: 1 / 1/ 2

Inability: You were never good at studying or retaining facts. The difficulty of any task involving lore, knowledge, or understanding is increased by one step.

Inability: Your willpower is not one of your strong points. Whenever you try to resist a mental attack, the difficulty is increased by one step.


  • Numenera – Specialized
  • Pleasant Social Interactions – Trained
  • Mind Influencing Esoteries – Trained
  • Alchemy – Trained
  • Negotiation – Trained
  • Poison Resistance – Trained


Onslaught (1 Intellect point):
You attack a foe using energies that assail either his physical form or his mind. In either case, you must be able to see your target. If the attack is physical, you emit a short-range ray of force that in icts 4 points of damage. If the attack is mental, you focus your mental energy to blast the thought processes of another creature within short range. This mindslice in icts 2 points of Intellect damage (and thus ignores Armor). Some creatures without minds (such as automatons) might be immune to mindslice. Action.

Scan (2 Intellect)
You scan an area equal in size to a 10-foot (3-meter) cube, including all objects or creatures within that area. The area must be within short range. Scanning a creature or object always reveals its level (a measure of how powerful, dangerous, or difficult it is). You also learn whatever facts the GM feels are pertinent about the matter and energy in that area. For example, you might learn that the wooden box contains a device of metal and synth. You might learn that the glass cylinder is full of poisonous gas, and that its metal stand has an electrical field running through it that connects to a metal mesh in the floor. You might learn that the creature standing before you is a mammal with a small brain. However, this esotery doesn’t tell you what the information means. Thus, in the first example, you don’t know what the metal and synth device does. In the second, you don’t know if stepping on the floor causes the cylinder to release the gas. In the third, you might suspect that the creature is not very intelligent, but scans, like looks, can be deceiving. Many materials and energy fields prevent or resist scanning. Action.

Flash (4 Intellect points):
You create an explosion of energy at a point within close range, affecting an area up to immediate range from that point. You must be able to see the location where you intend to center the explosion. The blast in icts 2 points of damage to all creatures or objects within the area. Because this is an area attack, adding Effort to increase your damage works differently than it does for single-target attacks: if you apply a level of Effort to increase the damage, add 2 points of damage for each target, and even if you fail your attack roll, all targets in the area still take 1 point of damage. Action.

Alchemical Dependence.
You are trained in alchemical tasks. In addition, you take a daily regimen of special drugs you’ve designed to work with your body in particular, drugs that have slowly adapted your muscles and organs, allowing you to accept still more concentrated doses. In effect, you’ve enhanced yourself with permanent abilities while you keep taking your daily dose of drugs.

You can change your matrix of active daily abilities by choosing to take a different complement of drugs on a given day, assuming you have the recipe in your manual and ingredients for granting yourself that ability. You can have only one active ability of a given tier at a time. To make the switch, spend ten minutes studying your manual, preparing a new alchemical concoction, and finally taking it, after which time your activity ability is changed out. You can choose to change your active abilities up to twice per day, immediately after a one-hour or ten-hour recovery roll. Others who’ve taken your drugs experienced life-threatening reactions the few times you’ve experimented.

Tier 1: Densely Muscled
Your alchemical infusion provides +1 to your Might Edge, and 3 additional points to your Might Pool. Enabler.

Tier 2: Breath of Distress (2 Might points)
You breathe out a puff of alchemical “distress” at a creature within immediate range, inflicting 2 points of Speed damage (ignores Armor). In addition, until the end of the next round, the difficulty of all tasks, attacks, and defenses the target attempts is modi ed by one step to its detriment. Action.


_Nothing irritates Seraphina more than predictability.

Born to aristocratic parents, Seraphina grew up in virtual isolation on their family estate. Her father, a stern, hard man, did not spend his time at home with his wife and child, having secured the union for material gains only.

Perhaps that was why her father never found out about her mother’s psionic abilities.
An accomplished-though unknown- nano, Seraphina’s mother had trained her daughter extensively in the ways of the Numenera, in addition to art, literature, history, psychology, and philosophy. Seraphina’s childhood was, though rigorous, a happy one. The fact that her mother constantly fed her strange, vile concoctions was merely a footnote in her memories.
That was, until one day, a potion killed her mother.

Though initially devastated, Seraphina stumbled upon her mother’s research- Alchemy, the reason behind their augmented psionic abilities. She begins to experiment, delving deeper into its secrets, and ultimately starts consuming potions on a regular basis.
When her father finally arrives home after a long absence to find his wife dead, he seeks out another engagement with a wealthy heiress. Upon hearing this, Seraphina, unwilling to be beholden to an outsider, packs her bags and escapes into the night.

Exceedingly capricious, Seraphina is unpredictable in all aspects, save for her constant reliance on alchemical concoctions (she vehemently denies substance dependence, though she grows dysfunctional without them). She frequently oscillates between heartwarmingly kind and unnecessarily cruel. Being an only child from a wealthy family, she grows upset when she does not get her way, though she can usually charm people into relenting to her whims.

Seraphina Encantalis

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