The Routers

Supreme Leaders of the Installation


The Routers are the black-clothed leadership caste of the Installation, composed of the highest-ranking members of each specialization. They handle all of the important decisions relating to the internal dynamics and direction that their assigned installation is heading in. Upon their promotion to the role, Routers receive a number of upgrades which give them a physical and mental advantage over other Luçadite. They also choose a name for themselves, typically reflecting their new role, and bedeck themselves in markings and clothing that reflect their newfound, heightened sense of individuality. All of them where black clothing with a stripe, lining, or other design of the colour of their specialization


R.9a46 “Artisan” is the Router of the engineering specialization (Drills). He is the youngest and most paranoid of the Routers, refusing to speak any language other than the Luçadite’s own under the belief that he could be tricked into revealing secrets. Artisan is also extremely stingy with the allocation of resources away from the various Drill projects, and gets into frequent arguments with Custodian over the loss of Interceptors.

R.4y74 “Steward” is the Router of the social technician specialization (Wrenches) with a dim view of Outsiders and is fiercely protective of the Luçadite that fall under her purview. She is concerned about the impact that prolonged exposure to ‘Outer’ elements might be having on the internal cohesion of Lucadite society, and wishes to minimize all interactions that don’t Forward the Installations’ stated goal.

R.1z03 “Executor” is the Router of the analyst specialization (scalpels). He is the oldest and most agreeable of the Routers, with few hangups about outsiders and even going so far as to seek friends and allies among them. He has grown frustrated with the stagnation of the Installation’s affairs in the last couple decades, and sees the arrival of the ALV-C Impromptu Herald as an opportunity to convince the other Routers to break out of their lassitude.

The Routers

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