Wraeil Skuod

Lackadaisal Flirt


“Anything I can do you for? My hammock’s always looking for company.”

The strongest member of the Aujkan Expedition, Gunnery Chief Skuod is a shameless flirt who spends most of his free time fashioning trinkets out of pretty much anything he can get his hands on. His choice of career is surprising given his idleness, apparent disdain for hierarchy, and general refusal to abide by standard protocol. Despite repeated court martials and disciplinary actions, Wraeil has somehow managed to avoid being kicked out of the Aujkan Military.

He was handpicked by Orlan Kaitakoa, who deploys him as a specialized combat asset. Wraeil has assumed the responsibility of Quartermaster following the death of the previous one during the Coralysk attack.

Wraeil Skuod

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