Tag: Deceased


  • Ikasi Xucallo

    An experienced, even-handed diplomat who famously negotiated terms with the Natomire Confederation during the Aujkan Reunification. He has a great love of his own voice and tends to speak at length about topics without pause.

  • Roland Dorcastle

    Roland Dorcastle is a man of indeterminate age who has spent most of his life in service to the Aujkan Military. He is the First Mate of Lieutenant Commander Kaitakoa and once served under her brother. He makes up for in swordsmanship what he lacks in …

  • Arala

    A veteran of the re-unification wars, Arala just wanted to start up her own medical clinic in the Midlaos level of one of Qup's districts and ease her way into retirement. A peculiar chain of events result in her clinic imploding, which she took as a sign …