The reclusive the keepers of the mysterious Installations that emerged from the depths of the oceans some 35 years after the Spine Spike. With their sailing, boat building, and technological prowess, they would be the unrivaled masters of the waves if they didn't lack the drive for the fruits of conquest. They demonstrate a high degree of hostility and apprehension towards Outsiders.

History and Origins

While their exact origins are unknown, the Luçadite originate from a place known as the Reliquary, located somewhere in the cavernous inner world of Tezenelia. They are not born per say, but rather grown inside of gestation pods. Their entire society is structured around the goal of maintaining the integrity of the mega-planet's diverse and unstable ecology with acceptable bounds. There are four divisions in Luçadite society with three tiers, all of which are colour-coded for convenience and named after tools (I.e. Hammers, Drills, and Scalpels).

Luçadite are seldom seen outside of their Installations as They place an enormous value on maintaining strong internal cohesion between its people. To be separate from the whole is unthinkable, and prolonged absence is monstrous. The Luçadite look upon the disorder of other societies with contempt and fear what would happen to Tezenelia's ecology if its lone caretakers descended into the perils of sub-group identification. However, they are also concerned about the possibility that their own ways may lead them to stagnate, and be unable to adapt to new threats should they present themselves.

This dilemma tugs at the core of each Installation, and is embodied best by the Routers, the most experienced and independent members of each division. They take the debate upon themselves and make decisions that ensure the evolution of their Installation while containing deviancy within acceptable parameters. 


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