Tezenelia: An Envoy To Sovehles

Rescue Mission

Axandra, Hester, and Kaizer return to the Impromptu Herald with the extra cannon in tow. The crew wastes no time in setting up the cannons, while the united learns that the other envoy ships have activated their emergency beacons. Both are located about 65 kilometers away from the Impromptu herald, but are 35km away from one another. The question arises as to which one do they respond to, as there is a strong likelihood that the party will only be able to get to one of the ships in time.

Milia abstains from the vote on the account of her brother Orlan being the captain of the Crowd Silencer. She fears that her emotions on the matter might get in the way of making a rational decision with regards to how the rescue mission's priorities. The party takes heart, and agree to rescue the expedition’s military escort and her brother. 

Axandra established a mental link with Milia to allow her to communicate with the captain while up in the crow’s nest without having to shout down. Clymene handles navigation. Kaizer and Hester help the crew with the sails, and together they being the journey north east. After a few hours of sailing, they come across the Crowd Silencer run aground on an island-sized coralysk with a pirate ship quickly closing in. The party springs into action and managed to take down the ship with nary a scratch.

Before boarding the Crowd Silencer, Axandra sets up a mental link with Matios in the event that something goes wrong. After searching around the deck, they are greeted by Gunnery Sergeant Wraeil Skuod. Axandra and Clymene make eyes at him, while Axandra makes an offhand about his attractiveness that he reciprocates, much to her horror.

They find Captain Orlan Kaitakoa along with the rest of the survivors below deck. The attack took them off guard, and they were quickly overwhelmed by Coralysk Hunters and Suzerains. Orlan himself lost and arm in the attack. He steps down as the military head of the Envoy and promotes Milia to Commander in his stead. The surviving soldiers make preparations to move their injured over to the Impromptu Herald

Kaizer inquires as to the location of some more cannonballs and weapons, to which Orlan responds by saying that the armory should still have a supply of them. Traveling down to the Armory, they find two Coralysk that have taken up residences inside of it. The cramped corridors make for a difficult battle ground. Hester searches for something that will aid him, and comes across an artifact hidden in a secret compartment: a large, tube-shaped artifact with three prongs on the end of it.  

Axandra tries to drain a machine within a coralysk, but is hit with a psychic attack from the very same one. Though she weathers it, Matios is also affected by it through her mental link. The link is severed before Axandra knows what it did to him. Clymene’s attempts to fend one of the coralysk off result in her getting a long, nasty gash across the side of her face that stretches from her temple to her jaw.

Clymene manages to activate a defense mechanism, which promptly tears apart the last of them, but the party has to dodge as the mechanism tries to grapple them as well. Axandra gets caught by one, but drains it, effectively causing it to malfunction and release her.

After dispatching the Coralysk, Wraeil arrives with a pair of guards to help them move the cannonballs and other weapons to the Impromptu Herald. They get onboard and leave the ship just in time as the island-sized Coralysk begins to move. Hester is too preoccupied with his new-found device to notice Kaizer taking his table leg and tossing it over board. In the distance, Kaizer sees a Coralysk growth the size of a large island – the Coralysk Emperor, as the crew has taken to calling it – writhing in response to their attack on its kin.



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