An Aggressive Jack who Speaks to the Datasphere


Tier: 3
Might 16, Speed 15, Intellect 9
Edges: 0 / 1 / 3

Inability: People find you unnerving. The difficulty of all tasks relating to pleasant social interaction is increased by one step.

Flex Skill: At the beginning of each day, choose one task (other than attacks or defense) on which you will concentrate. For the rest of that day, you’re trained in that task. You can’t use this ability with a skill you’re already trained in to become specialized

Practiced With Light and Medium Weapons: You can use light and medium weapons without penalty. If you wield a heavy weapon, increase the difficulty of the attack by one step.
First Strike: The first time you strike a foe
in combat, you inflict 1 additional point of damage.

Enhancement: You gain a +1 bonus to the Edge for one stat of your choice (Might, Speed, or Intellect) for ten minutes. You can have only one version of this trick in effect at a time. Action to initiate.

Far Step (2 Intellect points): You leap through the air and land some distance away. You can jump up, down, or across to anywhere you choose within long range if you have a clear and unobstructed path to that location. You land safely. Action

Tier 1 – Knowledge Tap (1 Intellect point).
Except in places where your access is cut off from the datasphere, you can tap in briefly and learn a bit more about something you can see. You get an asset on a task involving that person or object. Action.

Numenera Device ( 1 intellect point attached ; -5 intellect points detached): Metallic, ring shaped object found attached to the back of his neck. Occasionally lights up faintly in different colours.

Tier 2 – Datasphere Update: At the beginning of each day, choose one task (other than attacks or defense) for which you will connect to the datasphere and receive a rush of images, information, and borrowed reflexes. For the rest of that day, you’re trained in that task. You can’t use this ability with a skill in which you’re already trained. Enabler.

Tier 3 – Overload Device: By exploiting your connection to the datasphere, as well as the connection most other devices of the numenera share, you infuse a powered device of level 3 or lower within short range with more energy than it can handle. If affected, the device is destroyed or disabled for at least one minute, depending on its size and complexity. It may be that the disabling effect lasts until the device is repaired. Instead of applying Effort to decrease the difficulty, you can apply Effort to increase the maximum level of the target. Thus, to overload a level 5 device (two levels above the normal limit), you must apply two levels of Effort. Action.


Hester was a young boy when the voices began speaking to him. Small, and insignificant at first, but as he grew older they grew louder. Images, numbers, data, secrets, plots, this was the knowledge imparted to him by the datasphere. The world of Tezenelia is Hester’s to unravel with help from the voices and whispers that he could communicate with. Though his murmurings to seemingly invisible entities and grandiose claims of conspiracy within Qup as well as ludicrous theories regarding the wider world are off putting to others he remains undeterred. With the Datasphere at his disposal he will know the truth.

Upon his arrival in Sovehles, he attracted the attention of the AXIOM, and barely escaped their first encounter with his life and intact motor function. While recovering, Erranamol offered an experimental serum to get him back on his feet faster. as a side effect, Hester has become far more aggressive and prone to fits of rage.


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