The Geography of Tezenelia

As a result of its unique nature, Tezenelia has a schizoid geography. The planet's tectonic plates are nightmarishly complex web of interlocking fragments which push and pull apart from one another at random. Small earthquakes are common place, and the continents themselves rarely line up with one another. Riparian systems seldom interlock with one another, which can cause perpetual freshwater shortages in some parts of the world and over-saturation in others. The Continent of Sand and the Hollow are respective examples of these peculiar geographies.

Tezenelia's climate is equally perplexing: Frozen wastelands can be found next to scorching deserts with only a canyon to separate them. The seasons vary in length from a minimum of a month to a maximum of a year, and the transition from one to another can be either smooth or abrupt.

Curiously enough, most lands that are consumed during one of Tezenelia's infamous feasts tend emerge in areas that are roughly similar to the ones which they were taken from in both climate and geography. 

The sheer size of Tezenelia means that it is largely unmapped. The general consensus is that that the southern hemisphere is dominated by a massive, star-shaped continent, while the the northern hemisphere appears to be composed largely composed of smaller continents that vary in distance. There is a large ring of multicolored ice known as the Expanse that that encircles Tezenelia's equator, separating its northern and southern hemisphere with 300km of frozen wasteland.

Urcat, the home of the Aujkan Empire, is located relatively close to the Expanse – only about a month's travel away by boat and a week by airship.

There are rumors of the existence of an inner world with a more coherent geography. No evidence has been found to give these rumors credence.

Continents and Countries

The Continent of Urcat


Immortal City of Qup





The Continent of Sovehles

Known Major World Powers

Oct Dominion



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