Tezenelia has been in existence for approximately 1.4 billion years and has been inhabited by some form of complex society for 20 to 600 million years, depending on whether you are measuring the total length of time in which that civilization has been actually advancing, or when such societies began to thrive in earnest. Though the knowledge the countless past civilizations have been lost to the ravages of time, there is enough evidence to suggest that there have been four ages prior to the current one. Each religion, archivist cult, and academy has a different take on explaining the events of these ages, but there is general consensus of the broader details.

Aujkan Timeline of the Last 70 years

5th Age, year 649 (5:649) – the Steeplejack-Glazier Consortium war begins in Qup after a lead Steeplejack Overseer is defenestrated by an irate Glass-Maester over a contract dispute. This minor incident quickly escalates as Qup’s other guilds use the resulting turf war between the Steeplejack Commune and the Glazier Brotherhood to settle out old feuds. Rival noble factions are quick to join in for similar reasons.

5:652 - The SpineSpike, a cataclysmic disaster comparable to the event that brought an end to the 4th age, occurs. All contact is lost with Sovehles, the northern continent at the epicenter of the disaster.  The Aujkan High Council is killed in one of the resulting earthquakes, and the 10th Aujkan Empire collapses into civil war. The  rivals are too caught up in their own troubles in the catastrophe’s wake to take advantage of the chaos. Aujka's continental Protectorates sever their remaining ties and either establish themselves as independent countries or join the Natomire Confederation.

5:705 – The Steeplejack-Glazier comes to an end as the Ebony Potentate comes to power and re-constitutes the Aujkan Empire into its 11th iteration. His first act is to enact the Edict of Civic Poverty, requiring all ministers and leading civil servants to forfeit their possessions for the duration of their service. Nobility is effectively stripped of its political power overnight, and decades of war have exhausted their ability to mount an effective resistance. Periodic riots occur as the Qup undergoes a period of intensive reformation known as the Ebony Imperative. 

5:712 - The Ebony Imperative comes to an end with the Aujkan Empire annexing one of its former continental protectorates. The other former-protectorates go to war with the Empire over this. Several other regional powers, including the Confederation of Natomire and the Oct Dominion, join the war a few months later on the side of the protectorates in order forming a defensive alliance against Aujka. 

5:714 - The Liquidation of Yunosike occurs. Horrified at the power unleashed by the Potentate, the Natomire confederation is quick to draw their support from the alliance, with the Oct Dominion following suit after a campaign of sabotage and subterfuge culminates in the effective assassination of the entire ruling family. 

5:717 – The War of Reunification ends when the final protectorate surrenders to the Ebony Potentate.

5:721 – The Aujkan Empire sends out three ships to Sovehles to re-establish its holdings and contacts on the continent and make sense of the mysterious SpineSpike.


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